Come and learn how to fix your bike!

These courses have been designed to tackle the most common faults with bikes and are aimed at people who are new to bike maintenance. The pace is relaxed, enabling lots of time for questions and classes are limited to just 4 to ensure everyone is well supported.

They are a great stepping stone to enable users to make more full use of our Bring Your Own Bike sessions that run every Wednesday – giving participants a chance to consolidate and grow their learning in a supportive environment.

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M check, Basic Maintenance + Puncture Repair

Brake & Gear Adjustments

Cycle Touring 101

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Bike Maintenance: M check, Basic Maintenance + Puncture Repair

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A perfect way to get to know your bike, this course covers: 

  • Basic tool tips – A comprehensive safety check, enabling you to spot existing faults and prevent new ones developing.
  • Puncture repair, with tips on removal and replacement of the wheel and how to do this by the road side.
  • Bike set up, ensuring you are as comfortable and efficient as possible on your bike.

Bike Maintenance – Brake and Gear Adjustments

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In this session we’ll cover basic brake and gear adjustments. This includes:

  • How to remove and replace your pads.
  • How to balance your brakes and prevent squeaking.
  • Brake maintenance.
  • How to index your gear.
  • How to maintain your drivechain¬†and when to replace it.

Please note, we will always prefer to work on your own bike as this is most empowering for the learning. Occasionally however, we may discover an existing fault which we do not have time to correct in the course and so to enable a full experience for all our learners we have our own bikes that you can learn on.

Cycle Touring 101

Next: Thursday 30th June – 6-8:30PM
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Always fancied packing your panniers and hitting the road? Us too! We will cover:

  • Planning a trip. 
  • Bike luggage – panniers vs bike packing 
  • Touring life – tips for life on the road
  • Cycle Touring maintenance – before and during a tour
  • Suggested tool kit/spares list (and how to use it!)

The course is delivered by Sam White and Kirsten Berggren, who have both completed a number of tours around Europe.