Fix It @ Home

We’ve compiled a few choice resources that could help those looking to maintain their bike at home.

Park Tool videos

These videos are well paced, informative, and cover a wide range of bikes. Well worth a watch, especially for gear indexing and brake adjustment issues – the two most common issues we see at our Bring Your Own Bike sessions.

How to Build a Bike!

For those who prefer a book over Youtube, you can get an incredibly accessible and practical guide to bike maintenance whilst also supporting another open workshop – this one’s in London.

Keep it clean!

No matter how well your bike is behaving it is likely it would benefit from a clean to ensure it is ready to roll. The Global Cycle Network have a number of great videos worth watching, but here is one that shows how to give your bike a thorough cleaning. Just remember to re-oil your chain, and ignore the fact is looks pretty clean to start with!

Online classes with London Bike Kitchen!

London Bike Kitchen are running online classes in basic bike maintenance – you can learn more here :