Bring Your Own Bike is a weekly workshop session for you to come use the space and our tools to maintain your own bike, whilst getting a little bit of help and advice from our friendly mechanics and volunteers. These sessions are intended to be used by people already relatively confident with bike mechanics, but might be lacking the necessary tools, space, or a little bit of extra support. You can use this time for everything from servicing your bike, replacing worn out chains or even complete overhauls. Some parts and consumables can be purchased from here, but please note: since the pandemic started it can be challenging to source all the parts we are used to. If you are unsure if Bring Your Own Bike is suitable for you, just call the workshop on 07544 314749 and we will be able to advise.  If you already know you need support, why not book onto one of our courses?

At the end of the session you pay for any parts used, as well as a suggested donation on top for time, tools and using the space. We suggest £7.50 an hour but we want this to remain accessible – so please give what you can afford. 


The session runs every Wednesday from 1-8pm. Last booking is at 7:15pm. As demand for this service is high, it is essential that you book ahead by calling the workshop on 07544 314749. Please note, demand for these slots can be high and so on the day bookings can be hard to accommodate but do give us a call and we’ll do our best to help.

Need more guidance?

We offer a range of other workshop opportunities and advice that give you the basics of bike maintenance.

Wom+n’s Workshop

Our wom+n-led sessions where like minded individuals can come together to learn bicycle mechanics, fix their own bikes, and meet people at the Ride On workshop. 

Fix it @ Home

We’ve compiled a few choice resources that could help those looking to maintain their bike at home.


These courses have been designed to tackle the most common faults with bikes and are aimed at people who are new to bike maintenance.