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Location 61 Haven Road, Exeter, EX2 8DP

All day bicycle maintenance course


This course has been designed to tackle the most common problems with bikes and those that are simplest to fix for the home mechanic. Course content is below

  • M-check – this teaches you how to assess your bike, looking for faults that have already occurred and learning best to prevent problems happening again.
  • Puncture repair – Being able to confidently fix a puncture is a great skill to have. Even if this is something you are comfortable with, participants normally pick up a tip or two to make the job easier and cleaner!
  • Brakes – here we learn how to maintain our brakes and go through how to replace cables and pads. On hydraulic system, we do not cover bleeding in this course, but do cover pad replacement and how to look after you rotors and set up the caliper.
  • Gears – Gears are often somewhere people have real difficulties with. We will demystify the gears, teaching you how to get crisp shifting every time and how to replace a gear cable. Not suited to electronic shifting.
  • Freetime – At the end of the course we leave a bit of time for anything extra not covered in the course, or for further practice on what we have covered to help what we have taught sink in properly.

After the course, each participant is welcome to come to our weekly Bring Your Own Bike sessions – so you have a fully equipped workshop you can access giving you no excuse not to put your new skills to good use!

Spaces are limited to six students in a relaxed and supportive environment. If needed, new cables, tubes and brake blocks are available in the workshop at RRP and you can access good quality secondhand parts if you need to. The day runs from 10-4. There is half hour break lunch so bring your packed lunch and enjoy the lovely view of Exeter Canal basin from the deckchairs in our yard. (Weather permitting!) or visit one of the many great independent cafes nearby. The course costs £65.


Sadly, we have not been able to deliver our courses because of C-19. However, we are optimistic that we will be able to start them again in the Spring, with dates TBC. If you want to buy an advance ticket as a Christmas present, or to book a place for when they restart click here: