Cartridges Law – Congratulations on your new bike!

Congratulations on supporting Ride On! You have made the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and a cleaner Exeter.

To make the most of your cycling, you should know the risks, your responsibilities and what to do in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. We’re a local law firm, experienced at helping cyclists – several of us are Ride On customers as well!

Bicycles are far safer for pedestrians and other road users than most other vehicles, but not risk-free. We have helped many people injured in collisions. We would encourage you to make sure that you are covered by insurance and to use lights when riding at night. Should you need it, we have put togethers some tips that might be useful if you are involved in a collision.

  1. If you are ever in a collision and people are hurt, think about the following things:
  2. Don’t make the situation worse. Don’t stand in the road, and make sure casualties are as safe and comfortable as possible.
  3. If there is any risk that people have injured their head, neck or back they should not be moved. Instead keep them visible, warm and as safe as you can.
  4. Call the police.
  5. If other road users are involved, get their details; name, address, phone number, registration and insurance details.
  6. Take pictures of the collision scene, any defect in the road or path, and it’s a useful way of recording any other vehicles involved.
  7. Make sure you have the details of anyone that witnessed the collision.
  8. If anyone is injured, then they may be entitled to compensation. They should talk to a specialist solicitor (yes, like us!) who will normally be able to deal with their case on a “No win, No fee” basis. Remember, you have three years to make a claim but the sooner you start it the better.

You have done the right thing by supporting sustainable and ethical cycling in Exeter. It is very safe, very rewarding and I wish you many years of happy exploring.

Chris Tagg, Solicitor and Head of Civil Litigation

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