How you can help Ride On get more kids on bikes

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Looking for a second-hand bike for yourself or a child? Yes, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree are convenient and cheap, but think about the advantages of buying a bike that has been maintained and serviced by experienced, qualified mechanics and volunteers.

At Ride On Cycling for All we ensure our bikes meet high safety standards. They are sold with a two-month warranty and our team can provide you with impartial advice on which bike would best suit your needs. Plus, Ride On bikes are affordable with adult bike prices starting at just £85 and children’s at £30 – £70.

Our mechanics and volunteers have been working hard during lockdown and, as a result, we have the biggest selection of refurbished bikes to choose from in years. If you need a bike for transport, fitness, or fun you can book an appointment to view our stock. We are now even open on Sundays for bike sales.

Free Bicycle Scheme

By supporting Ride On you help us support those who can’t afford a bike. Through our free bicycle scheme, two bikes are given away each month to a deserving recipient nominated by a local charity or educational establishment.

We recently gave a bike away through a local primary school. The headteacher said “I gave the bike away this morning to the boy with his Mum. She could not stop crying she was so happy! He barely spoke a word he was so shocked and I am still not sure he believes it. His Mum said she could not believe that someone could do something so kind for someone they had never even met. She said it has been a really hard year for them and that this bike would mean he can go out with his Dad and enjoy spending some time together, which they would both love.”

Ride On have also given bikes away to people nominated by Social Services, Exeter YMCA, Exeter City Community Trust and Westbank.

Donate a bike

If you’ve used lockdown to declutter your garage or shed, you have children who have outgrown their bikes, or you’ve bought an electric bike and don’t want the hassle of taking your old bike to the tip or advertising it for sale on Gumtree or Facebook, contact us.  Please don’t take your unwanted bicycles to the tip. Drop them at our workshop in Exeter, so our team of mechanics and volunteers can bring them back to life. We’ve put over 3,700 bicycles back into use since 2011!

Please email [email protected] to let us know when to expect you. Come down to 61 Haven Road, Exeter, EX2 8DP. Call us on 07544 14749 to make an appointment or arrange to drop bikes off at one of our drop-off points.

Notes for Editors

Ride On – Cycling for All

Ride On is Exeter’s hub for all things bike related. If you need a bike call us on 07544 314749 to make an appointment and come and look at our refurbished bikes for sale.

We also provide bicycle maintenance courses and Ready to Ride sessions for key workers, including basic bike maintenance and set up.

Due to Coronavirus the weekly Bring Your Own Bike DIY maintenance sessions are not running, but Ride On’s Fix it at Home initiative consists of some useful and informative videos, especially for gear indexing and brake adjustment issues. See the website for details

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